About Me

My name is Shavona Scott, I am a 32 year old wife and mother to my wonderful hubby of 12 years, and Four beautiful children, Darius-9, LeAnn-8, and Micah-1, Ava-3 months. I am a certified Life Coach. I specialize in work/life balance and relationship coaching. It took me many years to finally figure out what I wanted to do with my life and now, I have it figured out, and I hope to help someone else figure out what their goals are and how they can reach them. Let me make a difference in your life.

I started this blog not only for others but for myself. I have struggled with having the motivation to keep going sometimes, I know hard to imagine, but I do. I can sometimes get myself in the mode of not living to my best potential, and I know as a wife, mother, student, and friend, I can’t be alone. I started this blog to create a place where you can come on those days where you just can’t figure out what to do, or you feel like you can’t keep going, I hope to be able to provide that motivation for you to press on and finish what you started.

Infinite Aura

I chose the name Infinite Aura because when I think of the two words individually, Infinite,LIMITLESS, impossible to measure or calculate, and Aura, the QUALITY that surrounds and is generated by a person, thing, or place. Put them together and it accomplishes exactly what this blog is about. What ever it is in life that we want to accomplish is up to us. The people we have in our circle, how their aura is being represented affects those infinite possibilities, IF we let them.


Looking at the background of the iceberg, it’s simple, more on the bottom less on top right? Well, it’s a great comparison for us. Don’t let what’s underneath define or categorize what’s on top. EVERYONE HAS STUFF UNDERNEATH!! We all just carry it a different way, how are you gonna carry yours?

“Here’s the only success tip you ever really need.- Find out what you love to do in life, and do it”

-Baylor Barbee

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