” Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the Infinite power of our light.”

– Brene Brown

With 2020 gone and the New Year getting off to its start, it’s hard to not look back at all the things and people that were lost. 2020 definitely brought out a sense of appreciation in some ways. We were able to appreciate the time spent with our families, those of us that were able to keep a job, we were able to appreciate the opportunity to work, and the biggest one was life itself.

Some of us went through our darkest moments, and thought we would never see the light of day again. In those times I was reminded of how much I love sunflowers. Sunflowers usually symbolize a form of positivity. They radiate and they gradually move to follow the sun’s position in the sky as it moves from east to west, and even on a rainy day they don’t face each other. What if in those moments where we are in our darkest moments where we seem like we can’t face anyone, what if we still looked for the light.

In 2021, I want to be able to be like that sunflower. I want to be able to follow the path that I am given and use that as a way to light up my life in a way that I can affect other people in a positive way. One day I want to say that I have developed and matured enough to stop following the path that others have taken or feel that I should take and I will be content with the path that I have chosen for myself, no matter how little of the “rays” I get. I hope that in 2021, with it now being February, that you no longer are continuing to let your path be directed by someone else, especially when you have the power to create your own destiny, DON’T LET YOUR POWER BE TAKEN. You are more and were created for more of a purpose than you think or feel. Let that light shine and radiate through you so that just like that sunflower people will stop and take notice of all that you are. They will want to take seeds from you and plant them just so they can have the same effect you do on people.

In 2021, be resilient, unshaken, and forever working towards the you that you have always wanted to be, I dare you to bet on yourself and make it happen.

Published by Shavona

My name is Shavona Scott, I am a 32 year old wife and mother to my wonderful hubby of 12 years, and Four beautiful children, Darius-9, LeAnn-8, and Micah-1, Ava-3 months. I am a certified Life Coach. I specialize in work/life balance and relationship coaching. It took me many years to finally figure out what I wanted to do with my life and now, I have it figured out, and I know I can help someone else figure out what their goals are and how they can reach them. Let me make a difference in your life.

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